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With the Curriculum Pacing Plan service and the My Collections tool you will be able to easily organize topics or terms for the entire school year. You can develop a teaching plan for the whole school year and schedule different dates for your students to receive the content assigned promptly.

The Elesapiens Curriculum Pacing Plan provides all the necessary information to select the educational resources that best suit your curriculum topics and goals.*

Available in the School Plan*.

*Curriculum Pacing Plan for USA (NGSS) and Spain curricula.


The Curriculum Alignment feature provides teachers with the information they need to find out how each resource aligns with their school curriculum*.

Available in the School Plan*.

*Curriculum alignment currently available for USA (NGSS), Spain, Peru, Colombia and Mexico curricula

*Curriculum Pacing Plan for USA (NGSS) and Spain curricula.

*Curriculum alignment currently available for USA (NGSS), Spain, Peru, Colombia and Mexico curricula


The My Groups tool allows teachers to create and manage student groups for assigning homework or content collections.

Groups may be made up by a large number of students (4th Grade Science - Groups A-B-C) or fewer students (4th Grade level A – Discovering everything around you). You can even create groups with a single student (remedial activities for Pedro G.).

Available in the Classroom and School Plans.


The Create Assignment tool allows teachers to send a message linked to specific resources to a group of students. For example, the syllabus of the entire school year to all the students of a given grade or a specific homework to a single student.

Available in the Teacher, Classroom and School plans.


The Statistics section provides teachers all the information on the resources used by each student, the date they were used, and their performance which facilitates the assessment of groups and individual students.

Available in the Classroom and School plan.

Additional services

Our team of education and technical advisors can provide the necessary support to help schools and educational organizations enhance their teaching and learning experience.

  • Curriculum matching

    We can provide proper guidance and assistance regardless of your curriculum. We carefully review your specific curriculum to identify and customize the sequence of content/content flow to best meet your educational goals.

  • Integration with your school LMS

    Moodle, Google Class, Edmodo, Compartir … Working with Elesapiens and your school platform is feasible. We have the capabilities to integrate and adapt to the best educational platforms worldwide. Find out about yours!

  • Professional development

    As education and technology specialists, we offer courses geared to train teachers and educational centers on a wide range of topics:

    • Experiential Education in schools
    • Virtual and Augmented Reality in Education
    • Flipped Learning Techniques

    Find out about additional courses!

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