About us

Elesapiens Learning & Fun, S.L. is a pioneer Spanish company in the creation and integration of educational resources with entertainment content within the environment of Information Technology.

We create high quality products and digital contents that make a valuable contribution to educators and parents while connecting, at the same time, with the entertainment interests of children and young people.

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Our Vision

The integration of Information and Communications Technology (TIC) in daily life has changed social habits : on the levels of work, business, and leisure relationships and, of course, on every level of education.

It is a time for creativity and imagination applied to products and services that are adapting to this reality and to a society in which the newly born generation of digital natives are being incorporated into the educational process.

  • We believe in an educative model that is not limited to the mere unidirectional transmission of knowledge but stimulates curiosity and involves students in every aspect of the learning process.
  • We believe in the universality and the underlying value-based educational objectives of knowledge that go beyond the compartmentalized static subjects taught in traditional classrooms.
  • We believe in the didactic power of play: gamification and technology offer us a golden opportunity to promote change in education.

Our mission

  • We want to be an integral part of that technological, educational and social revolution.
  • We want to nourish the machinery of educational innovation.
  • We want to provide useful tools for parents and educators.
  • We want to arouse the interest and engage the students in their learning process.
  • We want everyone to keep playing, for playing is learning.